Nordic Championship F3J 2017

On behalf of the Aero modelling / Norwegian Air Sports Federation, Cirrus RC Flyklubb

hereby invite the Nordic and Baltic countries to the

Nordic Championship  F3J 2017.

The competition takes place during the weekend 1. – 3. September 2017.

Friday 1. September 2017

Arrival and registration
The flying field is open for practice flying

20:00 TM-meeting

Saturday 2. September 2017
08:00 Breakfast
09:00 Briefing
09:15 Official rounds


18:30 BBQ


Sunday 3. September 2017
08:00 Breakfast
09:00 Briefing
09:15 Official rounds
14:00 Last start of a new round

4 finals

17:00 Prize giving, departure

For the organizers to be able to verify that this bulletin has reached «a responsible person» in each county, we would be very happy to receive a «sign of life» from the receivers, as soon as possible. This can be a phone, e-mail etc., just to let us know that you have received the bulletin. If no acknowledge is received, steps will be taken from the organizers to reach you through other channels…


Contest Director (CD) will be:

Espen G. Bakke, mobile +47 9958 8787  Email:



Cirrus’ airfield, Spydeberg, Østfold, Norway, 32 km. Southeast of Oslo, 57 km from the Swedish border (E18 Ørje). Our flying site offers 250*60 meters short-cut grass, with large flat agriculture areas around. Areas of forest reachable in a distance of approximately 200-300 meters. At the time of the contest, the surroundings will be partly cut, which gives more than enough space for take-off and landings.

GPS coordinates

Arrival point, i.e. exit from public road to the airfield’s local road:

N 59° 40′ 09.9», E 011° 06′ 58.0»  (decimals N59.66942°   E 011.11611°)



N 59° 39′ 52.1», E 011° 07′ 12.5»  (decimals N59.66447°   E 011.12014°)



Each country is invited to participate with three teams consisting of 3 senior-pilots and one junior pilot. If a team do not have a junior pilot, the fourth person can be a senior. The teams will be ranked according to the best three pilots in the team.

Juniors will be ranked individually, although they fly in the same matrixes as the seniors. If wanted, the juniors from one country might choose to fly together in one team.

In any case the teams rule will be handled in a flexible way, so do not hesitate to contact the organizers with any «individual needs».



All competitors must possess a valid FAI Sporting License. The FAI class F3J rules will be used, as well as the General Section of the Sporting Code, including changes made until January 1st 2017.

Additional rules:

– There will be 4 finals with no throughout (discards)

– There will be used 10kHz separation during the contest.

– There might be less than 9 pilots in finals (if less than 9 teams).

– There might not be a launching corridor but a «guided» corridor. Winch is allowed.


A jury, consisting of three -3- persons, will be elected at the TM-meeting, Friday 1. September 20:00.



The languages used will be English and Norwegian.


Garden Party (BBQ), meals & refreshments

A garden party will be held on Saturday evening.

Saturday and Sunday morning there will be a light breakfast from 08:00-09:00.  Light lunch like sandwiches will be available at the field.

There will be organized sales of drinks. Breakfast each day:  NOK 75,-

Lunch each day : NOK 150,-:


The following frequencies are allowed in Norway:

2.4 GHz

26.825 – 27.195 MHz

35.010 – 35.300 MHz (61-90)

40.665 – 40.695 MHz (50-53)

Please note, that according to the rules, each competitor shall be able to operate at least two different frequencies, at least 20 kHz apart. 10kHz separation will be used during the contest. Pilots can enter with 3 frequencies (makes less changing).



  1. a) There are 8 beds available in the club-house. Available at first come – first served principle. Booking in the entry form. Price NOK 100,00 per night.
  2. b) Camping at the field. Water (limited volume) and toilet will be provided but no power supply for caravans will be available. Overnight charging will be possible.
  3. b) Smaalenene Hotell, Web: apx 16km from the airfield. (15 min.)
  4. c) Knapstad apartment motel, Web: (10 min.)
  5. d) Thon hotels, Web:   (20 min.)



Entry fee (competitors only):                               NOK 900,- (includingBBQ)
Entry fee Juniors:                                                   NOK 500,- (including BBQ)
Garden party (BBQ) (per additional person):   NOK 300,-

Account no:   9235.11.75186

Bank: BN Bank ASA Swift/BIC: KBNONO22 IBAN: NO4092351175186

We would kindly ask for payment before August 1, 2017.


Fill inn entry form. Return the entry form before first of August 2017.

Updated information will be available at Cirrus’ homepage at internet:


If any questions arise, don’t hesitate to contact us by E-mail or phone. Also if you feel ANY information should be added contact us!

Espen G. Bakke, mobile +47 9958 8787  Email:


Support our sponsors:

Skribent: Espen G. Bakke

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