Winch i kulden

Jeg var ute og fløy forrige uke i -10°. Det går greit så lenge det ikke er vind. Derimot kranglet enveislageret i winchen. Det låste ikke slik det skal. Jeg sendte en mail til Ober, og fikk en grei avklaring:

The problem occures sometimes when cold conditions. The reason is the used
lubricate of the one-way clutch. The grease gets too hard, when its cold. (Most
winches were used in warmer conditions up to 45° in USA and australia with
blazing sun)

You just have to replace the lubricate of the clutch with oil.

Og her er løsningsforslaget fra Ober (se bilde under teksten):

replacement of one-way clutch

1.            drop off the drum

2.            remove Relay 1)

3.            remove screws 2)

4.            pull off the motor 3)

5.            remove locking-ring 4)

6.            remove locking-ring 5)

7.            remove one-way clutch with 2 screws 7)

8.            heat the housing 8) up to 30-40°C with hair-dryer

and press out the spindle 9)

9.            pull off the one-way clutch 10) and wash it out with cleaning solvent or simmilar

lubricate with oil

assembly in opposite order

in case the bearing 6) has moved out, just pull in again

check that the spindle 9) protrudes about 0.5mm to the housing 8)